Michael Fielder

"Ijaz is an outstanding investor's agent.  He'll find a fantastic property when you're not even looking.  I highly recommend Ijaz"

Dennis Henson

Ijaz Haq has been my Realtor and friend for many years.  He is diligent, knowledgeable and honest.  Ijaz is one of  only a hand full of Realtors that truly understands how to work with real estate investors.  I highly recommend Ijaz if you want things done right the first time.

Michael Chase

To date, I have purchased four HUD investment properties with Ijaz's help. All four properties are each providing an average of $200 of positive cashflow and returning a pretax return on investment of an average 20% per year. Try that in the stock market these days.
Ijaz is very responsive to my requests for CMA information and has given me all the information I need to make good investement offers within 24 hours of my request.
He has always provided me with the best recommendations for potential investment properties available within my specified criteria. I highly recommend Ijaz to anyone, especially investors interested in buying good HUD Foreclosure deals.